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Elio Zarmati is a former magazine publisher and editor, a reporter, a screenwriter and television director, and a successful entrepreneur, most notably in the field of subtitling and dubbing motion pictures for DVD and home video distribution. He is based in Los Angeles and Ojai, California.

He is currently putting the finished touches on Goodbye, Tahrir Square, a memoir of childhood as a European Jew in Egypt, then as now a country torn apart by war and revolution. Dreaming HeavenHe is also drafting his first novel, a saga that spans three generations on the political and art scenes in America, Europe and on the front lines of the wars of the 21st-century.

In 2010, Elio wrote the screenplay for Dreaming Heaven, a feature-length documentary about a spiritual journey through the temples and pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico, which in the Toltec tradition was the place where “one awakens to God.”



Recovery LivingIn 2008, Elio Zarmati co-founded, with Gary Seidler, Recovery Living, a lifestyle magazine aimed at people in recovery from addiction and their families and loved ones. He served as the editor-in-chief, creating the prototype for the magazine that will relaunch soon.
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“Elio is a talented editor with a scrupulous eye for detail. He knows how to reach his audience in beautifully subtle yet direct ways. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and he made me, as a writer, look great!” Alex Katehakis, Writer.

“Elio and I have collaborated on a couple of projects and I must say that he is a joy to work with. He is progressive in his thinking, open minded and always searching for the fresh new perspective, while still giving credence to the tried and true. His works are brimming with helpful information reflective of care for his community and belief in his neighbor’s goodness. He is professional, organized and focuses on the positive, which is a breath of fresh air in today’s social climate." Sheila Cluff, Writer & Owner of The Oaks at Ojai Destination Spa Resort.


Your Wedding DayIn 2003, Elio co-founded and published with Thea Lignos and John Hargrove Your Wedding Day, a stylish magazine that shook the bridal industry with its stunning photography, innovative graphics and compelling editorial content, setting new standards for the bridal industry. He served as Publisher of both print and online versions of Your Wedding Day until the magazine was acquired by Tiger Oak Media in 2011.


“Elio can see the forest and the trees and support the flourishing of both. He is a visionary and practical genius with an eye for the aesthetic as well as the bottom line. Both of his magazines, Recovery Living magazine and Your Wedding Day magazine, are works of art with a difference. They actually are packed with transformational information. I have found Elio an absolute pleasure to work with. He is impeccable about agreements and generates creativity in his collaborations.” Kathlyn (Katie) Hendricks, CEO and Director of Training, The Hendricks Institute, Inc.

“I have worked with Elio at two publishing enterprises over the past four years and found him to be a highly ethical, intelligent and wise leader. In each instance, Elio demonstrated his wealth of experience with people, small and large businesses enterprises and creative concerns. I would be happy to work with Elio in the future.” Divina Infusino, Writer/Editor/Content Development , FutureActive


In addition to YWD magazine, Elio Zarmati's company, DMZ Studio, Inc., published an art book, Bruce Ditchfield’s OJAI. The company also owned and operated two bookstores in Ojai, California, including Local Hero Books & Café which hosted appearances by writers, artists and musicians.

Feast BistroLike most small independent bookshops, they couldn’t resist the onslaught of Internet and big-box booksellers. With two new partners—a superb chef, Susan Coulter and her partner Beryl Schwartz—Local Hero reinvented itself as Feast Bistro, one of the best restaurants of Ojai. He has since sold his shares to his partners. www.feastofojai.com.




Prior to his work as magazine editor, publisher and bookseller, Elio Zarmati was an international dubbing and subtitling consultant, advising film studios and producers on the distribution of programs in foreign languages in movie theaters, home video, DVD, and streaming video.

From 2000 through 2003, Zarmati served as Acting CEO for Voxonic Technologies—a.k.a VoxWorks Technologies—a startup software company that developed ReelVoice™, a voice conversion process aimed at the multi-language dubbing industry. In that capacity, Mr. Zarmati consulted on the software’s design and functionality, and developed strategies for the deployment and marketing of ReelVoice™.

Until July 2000, Mr. Zarmati was President and CEO of Gelula & Co., Inc., a small film subtitling company he purchased in 1992 and turned into the world's largest provider of subtitles and dubbing services for motion pictures, DVD and home video releases, with titles translated into some 34 languages.

GelulaBy the time Mr. Zarmati sold the company to the SDI Media Group in mid-2000, annual revenue had gone from $475,000 to over $12 million and was growing at a very brisk pace.

During his tenure at Gelula & Co., Elio Zarmati was instrumental in developing industry-wide processes, standards and software for the release of subtitled and dubbed films in the theatrical and home video fields, particularly in the emerging DVD format.


“Elio Zarmati is one of the smartest guys I know. I first met him a dozen years ago when I went to work for him at Gelula & Company (now SDI Media), which was then a film documents company with 23 employees. Within 18 months he grew the company to over 200- strong, due to his prescience concerning the then-fledgling DVD format and the impact it was to have on the entertainment sector. Under Elio’s guidance, Gelula was the first company to create multi-language subtitling for the first DVDs released to the marketplace, and maintained and grew the company as the industry leader in providing such services. Back then, in the mid-1990’s, it was the Wild West in terms of devising technologies to accommodate work flow and deliver the goods. Elio was the man with the game plan, the one who conceptualized all the software tools and the leader who guided the Gelula ship through these then-uncharted waters. Elio possesses vision, drive and the uncanny ability to parse challenges and solve puzzles. And, I couldn’t have worked for a nicer guy. After he sold Gelula, when he asked me to join him in another venture, I jumped at the chance. And I’d gladly work for him again at the drop of a hat.” Harlan Collins, Creative Director

“I joined Gelula & Co. at the onset of the DVD format as a Translation Coordinator for the subtitled language streams. Elio was a great leader. Although I didn't report to him directly, his door was always open and he was always making himself available for his staff. I enjoyed very much being part of the Gelula & Co. team and felt that my contributions were valued and appreciated, and therefore it was always a pleasure to go the extra mile.” Elodie Brulere-Powers, Translation Coordinator


Journalist, Writer, Director, Producer

While still a student at the University of Paris (Sorbonne), Elio Zarmati joined the staff of the NBC News Paris Bureau as a reporter and covered the student uprisings of the Sixties in Western Europe.

Upon graduation, Elio Zarmati went on to enjoy a successful career as a director, writer, producer and editor of motion pictures and television films in Europe and the United States. His credits include producing the award-winning feature film Winter, directing a Duke Ellington Special for French television, and creating documentaries and public affairs programs such as JTN’s Washington Journal.

He served as editor of the NBC miniseries A Woman Called Moses and as supervising editor of the CBS feature, Badge of the Assassin.

Paris Cop Moses Assassin TV Box

He was also a contributing writer on TV Book: The Ultimate Television Book for Workman Publishing and reported for several film trade magazines such as Millimeter magazine.

Elio Zarmati is a member (emeritus) of the Writers Guild of America, West, the Motion Pictures Editors Guild, and the Ojai Chamber of Commerce. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Levantine Cultural Center, a non-profit peace organization he co-founded, and has been active with the International Rescue Committee and other humanitarian organizations. He won the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in 2007.



Born in Egypt and raised in France and England, Elio Zarmati received a bilingual education in English and French. He is a graduate of the French Lycée in London, England, and of the University of Paris-Sorbonne, majoring in History, and French and English Literature. He studied journalism at the Paris-based Centre de Formation des Journalistes.



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